Glutathione (Reduced L-Glutathione) 75 mg (Retail $37.90)
Glutathione (Reduced L-Glutathione) 75 mg (Retail $37.90)
75mg of Bioactive Gluathione Per Capsule


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Enhancing the Immune System - Your bodies immune activity, involving unimpeded multiplication of lymphocytes and antibody production, requires maintenance of normal levels of glutathione inside the lymphocytes.
Antioxidant and Free Radical Scavenger - Glutathione plays a central protective role against the damaging effects of bacteria, viruses, pollutants and free radicals.

Regulator of Other Antioxidants - Without glutathione, other important antioxidants such as vitamins C and E cannot do their job adequately to protect your body against disease.

A Detoxifying Agent - Another major function of glutathione is in the detoxification of foreign chemical compounds such as carcinogens and harmful metabolites.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying compound consisting of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. Produced in the liver, glutathione assists with detoxifying xenobiotics and heavy metals, neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, maintains the integrity of blood cells, and helps transport amino acids across cell membranes. It aids in the breakdown of oxidized fats and is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism.

Glutathione is also involved in metabolizing insulin and regulating blood glucose levels.

This hypoallergenic formulation has been specifically designed using the active, reduced form of glutathione for maximum benefit.