NAS Enhancer 60C (Retail Price $48.90)
NAS Enhancer 60C (Retail Price $48.90)
New NRF2/Autophagy/SOD Support


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NAS Enhancer is a formula created for the NRF2 pathway, autophagy enhancement and SOD support. This combination of well-studied nutritional ingredients that are known to enhance multiple biologic pathways within the cell. This unique combination was chosen to enhance 3 important pathways of intracellular detoxification.*

The 3 pathways include:

1) Activating the leucine zipper protein in the NRF2 genetic pathway to enhance glutathione production

2) Down regulating the mTOR system of the cell and activate autophagy (intracellular cleansing of by-products)

3) Providing maximum assistance with antioxidant neutralization within the cell

Each of these important activities has been shown to protect cells from oxidative stressors and damage while combating the aging process.*


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