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Corporate Partner for Lab Solutions

Neurobiologix partners with GX Sciences on their journey to empower patients through personalized nutrition. Neurobiologix, Inc. was founded on the purpose of providing an easy way for physicians and patients to buy supplements online that are pharmaceutical grade and at truly affordable prices. All supplements and products by Neurobiologix are physician designed to effectively support a variety of medical issues requiring additional nutrition such as Autism, neurological issues, nervous & immune system dysfunction and products to improve your overall health. Our products are GMP certified (Good Manfucturing Practices), an FDA monitored process that ensures quality of ingredients and efficacy of the overall product.

Before setting off to create quality formula supplements, Neurobiologix noticed patients were purchasing and consuming several supplement and vitamin bottles regularly. Looking to lessen family costs and number of products, Neurobiologix was born as well as their staple “compression model”. Designed by a well known physician, Kendal Stewart, MD, the compression model combines all the necessary ingredients from multiple vitamins into custom formulas, allowing patients to gain essential nutrients without having to consume or spend an enormous amount of money to be healthy.

After performing a nutrigenomic panel, patients receive their test results and analysis by GX Sciences. The test results/ nutrigenomic reports identifies and evaluates up to 120 genes for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). While not all SNPs or mutations are reason to worry, some may greatly impact biological processes and in result, the overall health of a patient. GX Sciences’ nutrigenomic reports highlight genetic biomarkers, SNPs, and nutritional recommendations based on the test’s findings. In partnering with Neurobiologix, GX Sciences can recommend supplements and nutrients that will assist health issues from genetic shortcomings.

Please feel free to contact Neurobiologix at (866)500-5388 with any questions and one of our staff members will be happy to help you.

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