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Watch Dr. Stewart explain why autism is not a genetic disorder but a way for us to assist patients with autism by knowing their genetic markers.

Physician Formulated Vitamins and Supplements To Support Issues Related To Autism and Neuro-Immune Issues

Created For Neurobiologix By Leading Physicians In This Field

Our Nutitional Supplements help to counter the negative effects of poor eating habits and other nutrition challenges related to those suffering from neuro-immune issues or what some may call ASD. Many special needs children are extremely selective in their food choices. Thatís why itís important to provide nutritional supplements for special needs children and those suffering from neuro-immune syndromes that effect many people today.

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Advanced Neurotransmitter Support 120C (Retail $52.30) BioActive B12-Folate 60T / Retail $28.50
Biotic Boost Powder - 51 grams (30 scoops) / Retail $24.40 Calming Cream
Travel Size Calming Pro Powder 8.25 oz (Retail $48.65) 60 Servings - Cherry Flavor
Full Focus 120C (Retail $45.25) GABA Supplement
Glutathione (Reduced L-Glutathione) 150 mg (Retail $66.25) Glutathione Topical (L-Form) | 70 Pumps- Retail $59.20
Metabolic Stimulator - 90 Capsules (Retail Price $59.50) Methyl Folate Plus
Methylation Complete Dissolvable 120T (Retail $59.50) Methylation Support - Step One (60 Tablets/Dissolves) Retail $31.70
Mineral Xcel - 100C (Retail $30.75) Mito Cell PQQ - 60 Capsules (Retail $59.90)
Mitochondrial Restore -90C (Retail $59.75) MoodPlus Vitamins for Depression
Neuro Immune Infection Control 120C (Retail $46.25) neuro methylation cream

Nutrition Can Help With Neuro-Immune and Sensory Issues

Quality products, including nutritional supplements for ASD, should be specially created to be easy to digest and to assist with the particular needs that result from neuro-immune issues.

Autism is defined as results in differences and or delays in development in the areas of thinking, language, behavior and social skills. Every individual is different but autism results in symptoms in the areas of social interaction, communication and stereotypic behaviors that include restricted range of activities, interests and behaviors.

Nutrition for these types of issues has been widely used by our advising physicians to offer a line of products that are used by physicians, medical experts and parents.

One of our most popular items is Mitochondrial Restore. This supplement was created by renowned Neurotologist/Neuro Sensory Specialist, Kendal Stewart, M.D.

Top Autism Vitamins And Supplements

Biotic Boost Autism Supplements assist in digestion and they help to stimulate the immune system. This can result in increased lactose tolerance and prevention of travelerís diarrhea and yeast infections. This Autism supplement is specially formulated for room temperature storage Ė no refrigeration is needed. Eliminating the need for refrigeration makes this product extremely convenient to use.

Mitochondrial Restore, created by Dr. Kendal Stewart, M.D., is designed to restore the mitochondrial function that is associated with immune and nervous system disorders as well as methylation deficiencies. These Autism vitamin supplements can help with such things as fatigue, developmental delays and disabilities, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Supplements That Are Effective

Our Advanced Neurotransmitter Support Formula is ideal for improving attention and concentration levels, boosting cognition and motor activity skills and improving learning and behavior. This nutritional supplement can even help improve mood, sleeping patterns and decrease unwanted focus or hyper activity symptoms.

The Neuro-Immune Stabilizerô Topical Cream may help in maximizing organization skills, short term memory, effective hormonal regulation, mental focus and concentration, mood improvement and stabilization as well as improved sleep patterns and immune function.

The Right Choice of Vitamins & Supplements

Special needs children want and deserve products designed to meet their special situations. Our vitamins and supplements for special needs children are physician formulated and approved by our advising physicians. They are the best products on the market.

Our exclusively formulated vitamins and supplements can help to ensure better health and recovery!