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Neurobiologix in the Press:

Kendal Stewart, MD Featured on TopDoc Magazine
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Austin, TX 9/01/2021: PerspectivX: Kara Stewart: Boosting Individual Health with 'Genetically Guided' Supplementation
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Austin, TX 7/15/2021 (Newswire) - Neurobiologix Is Proud To Announce the Release of Clinical CBD Oil Formulas
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Austin, TX 5/22/2021: Industry Era Women Leaders Magazine: 10 Most Successful CEOs of 2021
"Making Life Better with CEO, Kara Stewart"
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Austin, TX 1/04/2021 (Online PR Media) - Neurobiologix Releases New Male Support Formula Designed To Naturally Support Testosterone Levels
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Austin, TX 6/10/2020 (Online PR Media) - Neurobiologix and GX Sciences Announce 2020 Functional Clinicians Course
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Austin, TX 7/6/2019 (Online PR Media) - Season 6 of "Coffee with Doctor Stewart" tackles the latest health and nutritional supplement trends and your most pressing questions on topics like Vertigo, Cancer, Anxiety, and the newest Virus to hit the US.
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Austin, TX 7/6/2019 (Online PR Media) - Neurobiologix Releases It's Original Stem Cell Stack
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Austin, TX 7/6/2019 (Online PR Media) - Release of Updated and Enhanced Formula Pro GAD Enhancer by Neurobiologix
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Total Prestige Magazine 5/19/19 - Talking With Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO and Co-Founder of Neurobiologix, Inc.

Austin, TX 10/3/18 - Austin Supplement Company Expands Product Line to Include Enhanced Products

Austin, TX 12/18/17 - Season 4 of Coffee With Dr. Stewart Begins. Read More...

Series Announcement of Coffee With Dr. Stewart Radio SEASON 2:

Release of Enhanced Formula:
Series Announcement of Coffee With Dr. Stewart Radio:
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D-Chiro-Inositol supplement Neurobiologix 60 count DCI 500mg (D-Chiro-Inositol) 60 Capsules (Retail $59.90)

Neurobiologix new exclusive formula consists of physician grade 500mg of D-Chiro-Inositol per capsule!
Common symptoms often associated with a D-Chiro-Inositol deficiency:
  • Fatigue*
  • Weight Gain*
  • “Hangry” Sensation*
  • Immune Weakness*
  • Hormone Irregularity*
  • Memory Issues / Brain Fog*
  • Mildly Elevated Blood Sugars*
  • Sugar / Carbohydrate Cravings*
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