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Learn from our formula expert Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD!

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This show will provide our listeners with up-to-date medical information from a leading neurotologist and neuro-immune specialist, Dr. Kendal Stewart and host, Kara Stewart-Mullens.

Though it may seem unorthodox for a highly trained surgeon to go into the business of finding medical therapeutics to alter the course of nervous and immune system disorders and hormonal recovery, Dr. Stewart has spent years making his previous surgical expertise less of a necessity and more of a way to provide treatment protocols through modern medicine and cutting edge nutritional products. He completed his formal medical education in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas at Houston/MD Anderson Hospital System and continued his training with a fellowship in Neurotology/Skull Base Surgery from Baylor University Medical Center. He has been practicing in the Austin area since 1994 and founded the NeuroSensory Centers of America.

Dr. Kendal Stewart also serves as lead formulator and Chief Science Officer for Neurobiologix Supplements / and GX Sciences who provides nutrigenomic and PGx testing via DNA analysis.

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