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This agreement goes into affect when the account holder is activated and places their first order with
Any violation of these terms will warrant termination of this agreement.
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1. Requirements for an Approved Healthcare Account (AHA). Neurobiologix, (NB) products are offered at wholesale pricing only to individuals identified by NB, at its sole discretion, as qualified healthcare practitioners, nutritionists, therapists or pharmacies who provide health counseling or services to individuals referred to as "patients","customers".

2. Minimum Advertised Price. Reseller hereby agrees not to advertise any NB brand product for a price lower than the Minimum Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). MSRP is defined as the retail price listed at For your convenience current MSRP is listed on the Professional Price Sheet and is subject to revision without prior notice.

3. Direct Patient/DROP SHIP Ordering Option. An AHA may permit a patient to order Products directly from NB. Patient may order using the NB toll free number or through the Neurobiologix website. No patient orders will be fulfilled until the authorizing AHA has been identified by NB. The authorizing AHA is eligible to receive 25% credit on all such orders that list their recommending professional at check out or over the phone. Please call (866)500-5388 to be a part of the MONTHLY BONUS PROGRAM.

4. Search Advertising. Reseller hereby agrees not to advertise any products produced by NB on the internet using sponsored search advertising. Such advertising includes but is not limited to services such as Google Ad Words or Yahoo Search Marketing.

5. Payment. NB requires payment in full prior to orders being released for shipping. Any order placed by the AHA must use a payment method that has the AHA's name or company name. Other personal credit cards in someone elses' name other than the AHA is not allowed. This is to protect the AHA from patients or other entities using their account to obtain wholesale pricing. All orders are shipped USPS or Federal Express. International orders will be shipped by the carrier chosen by NB.

6. Online Sales Venues. Reseller hereby agrees not to sell or advertise any NB brand product on any website other than those listed on this Agreement under Website Address(es) or to sell, trade, or otherwise furnish any NB brand product to a third party for the purpose of selling or advertising via the internet. Acceptable websites include the Resellers private website or any other approved by NB upon signing this Agreement. Websites that participate in auctions, classified-style listings, third-party fulfillment, or any other type of listing structure are prohibited, including Overstock, eBay, or any other similar websites. All private labeled products must meet Neurobiologix MSRP at all times. Violation of this paragraph may result in immediate termination of this Agreement and pending orders.

7. Advertising and Compliance. NB will supply to Reseller all acceptable forms of advertising and marketing materials. Reseller may not alter such advertising and marketing materials, in any way, unless approved by NB in writing. Each Party agrees to comply with the governmental laws and regulations of the US. Reseller is exclusively responsible for compliance with the laws & regulations of the applicable governments of any territory or jurisdiction where Reseller may offer NB's products, regarding the product, its claims and labeling.

8. Affiliate Program. NB offers all AHA accounts to participate in the NB Affiliate Program. This program allows professionals to receive personalized links to be displayed on their websites at their discretion. This will allow NB to track sales that come from those personalized links so that the AHA receives credit for those orders placed.Please call (866)500-5388 for details on how to become an affiliate. For details on this program please email

9. Termination. NB may terminate this Agreement if Reseller: a) violates items 2, 4, 6, or 7; b) promotes NB in a manner that is unethical or inappropriate c)conducts itself in a manner which, in the reasonable judgment of NB, is in violation of any U.S. or foreign federal, state, local or other governmental statute, rule or regulation; or e) through its acts, practices, or operations, exposes NB to any existing or potential investigation or litigation. The parties agree that the Agreement may be terminated without cause by either Party upon (10) days written notice to the other Party.

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