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2020 Functional Regenerative Workshop

with Kendal Stewart, MD

"2018 Genetic Symposium: Advanced Protocols and New Findings In 4 Key Genetic Health Areas" with course expert Kendal Stewart, MD


Dr. Stewart's 2016 Genetic Workshop Now Available For Streaming!

Professional Genetic Workshop: Testing and Simplifying Genetic Interpretation and Treatment with Kendal Stewart, MD from Neurobiologix on Vimeo.

For Those Who Missed This Amazing 2 Day Workshop,

A 5 Segement Video Series Is Now Available For Streaming At One Low Price


Neurobiologix Roundtable Workshop:

Methylation, Mutations, and Beyond


Workshop Host, Kendal Stewart, M.D., Neurotologist / Neuro-Immune & Methylation Specialist

Dr. Stewart is a nationally reknowned methylation expert. He has spent years making his previous surgical expertise less of a necessity and more of a way to provide doctors treatment protocols through modern medicine and cutting edge nutritional products. He completed his formal medical education in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas at Houston/MD Anderson Hospital System and continued his training with a fellowship in Neurotology/Skull Base Surgery from Baylor University Medical.

Also featuring guest lecturer, Dr. Michael L. Johnson / Doctor of Chiropractic Neurology

We are inviting practitioners of ALL disciplines who are discovering the key to treating methylation for better treatment outcomes. Our primary purpose is to increase our personal knowledge and expand our contact with other healers that truly believe in providing their patients the keys to a healthy life.

This 2 day workshop will cover the following:

  • Review and updates on the folate, methionine and transsulfuration cycles and how to restore these cycles
  • Review and updates on mitochondrial and cell membrane dysfunction and how to restore them
  • Clinically relevant and researched genetic polymorphisms
  • Updated laboratory markers and tests to consider and why
  • Interpreting laboratory and genetic testing
  • Changing the paradigm of condition-based treatment to restoration of genetic, biochemical and physiological function
  • Understanding nutritional protocols, outcomes and patient concerns
  • Interactive case studies: Applying the principles of nutrigenomics and restoring function through actual full patient case studies